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Dragon® Brand Belts

Colored    Striped    Satin Black    Deluxe Black    Master    Embroidered

Dragon® Color Belts 


Colored Belts

Our regular color rank belts are 1~1/2 inches in width and using old fashion burlap construction with eight lines of stitching.   Available in nine colors, and sizes from 1 ~ 8

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Dragon® Embroidered Belts

Embr. Belts

Custom embroidery by a skilled seamstress using our regular color belts or deluxe black belt.   Translation service is available in both Japanese and Chinese.  Turnaround is 7 ~ 10 business days.

Prices vary.
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NOTE: belt's length

#1 (80") #2 (88")  #3 (94")  #4 (102")  #5 (110") 
#6 (118")  #7 (124")  #8 (132")

 Dragon® Deluxe Black Belt 

Black Belt Deluxe black belts are 1-3/4 inches in width.  Extra firm with 13 rows of stitching.  Available in sizes 1 to 8. 

Compare the Difference!

Belt Construction
All Dragon® Belts have four burlap liners -


Dragon® Black Satin Belt 

Satin Black Belt

Inside Belt
Competitor's belts have only two cotton liners


Deluxe Black: Retail price $19.45
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  Traditionally made like our cotton Deluxe black belt with four liners of burlap but with an outer layer of satin. 

Satin Black: Retail price $19.45
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Dragon® Master Belt

Master BeltOur Master belt is 1-3/4 inches wide with 13 lines of stitching. Alternating block pattern of red and white. 

Retail price $24.45
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Dragon® Striped Belts

Striped Belt

    Dragon® Brand striped belts are 1-1/2 inches in width, including 2/3 inch black or white stripe in the middle. 

Retail price $13.45
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