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Custom Embroidery Service

Embroidered Gi BackWe provide quality, in house, Embroidery Service to our customers at Jukado International.

 Most items available from Dragon can be embroidered to your specifications.  The most popular items for embroidery are Belts and Gis. We can also do custom digital graphics/logos for you on Patches or directly onto other  items as well. In addition to our own products, we can embroider items you supply (such as caps, T-shirts, bags). Translation is available to translate your name or school name into Japanese (Katakana or Kanji), or Chinese for a charge of $5.00.  Our translation staff will do their best to translate, but there are variations in translating a name or word, and Jukado International, Inc. is not liable for the accuracy of the translation.  We do not do Korean translation but we can create a custom design if you provide the translation.

We can do custom embroidery for you, or your school, from graphics or characters you supply.  For patches, submit the Patch Order FormEmbroidered Lapel for a custom quote.

Embroidered BeltsEmbroidery order forms must be filled out completely  to begin processing your order.  Your order will be processed within 7 to 10 business days once we receive your completed order form and all information has been verified.  Most orders are shipped out within two weeks.  Custom designs usually take longer to process. 

All merchandise is visually inspected to insure the highest quality of our work.

Order Forms Available:   BeltGi,  and  Patch


OnLine Home Cart UPS Search Specials

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