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For more than 25 years, Jukado International, formally known as Dragon International, has specialized in making 100% cotton heavy-duty brushed canvas uniforms and color rank belts.  We are especially proud of our products under the brand names of JUKA®, DRAGON® and JUKADO® - the choices of the champions.



The Juka karate uniform is my absolute favorite of all karate uniforms.

 It is also the top choice of my Black Belt members. We have been using the Juka karate uniforms for 10+ years and always have been pleased with the Juka.

Having tried most of the best karate uniforms available today, I conclude that the Juka karate uniforms are the best in terms of durability, price, design, comfort and construction. Most important, they hold up to through severe training as well as any other brand of uniform. I highly recommend the Juka for all karate practitioners.”


Howard High
Chief Instructor -
Kansas Ryobu-Kai;
International Membership Director of
Japan Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai;
Founder of the Karate CyberDojo




Dear Jukado International:


The Juka gi is an excellent choice for martial artists who insist on quality and value.  There are many Jukado gi choices available for a variety of body types, styles of training and competition.


I am certain that those who are looking for quality uniforms at reasonable prices will be pleased with Jukado uniforms.

Thank you for offering a great product to martial artists everywhere.



Joni Wilson Sharrah

Shihan Joni Wilson Sharrah

6th Dan Shito-Ryu Karate-do http://www.usakaratedojo.com/

Co-Owner USA Karate                                                  endorsement ltr.doc