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Home of   JUKA®  and DRAGON®  Uniforms

For more than 25 years, Jukado International, LLC formally known as Dragon International, Inc. has specialized in selling 100% cotton heavy-duty brushed canvas uniforms and color rank belts.  We are especially proud of carrying our products under the brand names of JUKA® and JUKADO and DRAGON®.  We have established offices and warehouses in both the United States and Asia.  Experienced in handling small orders to cross continent shipment operations, we are always interested in finding new partners to expand our product recognition.  Our mission is to enhance the quality of our products and service in a professional manner.  We will continue to preserve and promote the martial arts traditions in our global communities.  Your comments or suggestions are welcome.

The  Roots  of  Our  JUKA  Name

The history of our brand name, JUKA®, has its roots in Confucianism.  Confucianism teaches that the ideal society can be realized only through ideal human beings.  Therefore, the development of the JUKA is Confucianism's primary aim:  a morally mature human being who is fully developed both physically and intellectually, through education and moral cultivation.The whole Confucian system of philosophy and morality can be summed up in the one simple Chinese word, JEN, which is the composite character made up of two simple characters -- MAN, and TWO, -- meaning love and benevolence, or altruism.JEN is a person's proper attitude and proper relation toward the other fellow.  This is the sum total of the Confucian teaching.  Applying to the moral development of the individual -- and to the fundamental objectives of social and political relationships -- in their national and international aspects.   Knowledge of life begins with the recognition of the other fellow, and ends with an attentive  philosophy for interacting with them.  Jukado International appreciates the spirit of Confucianism, even though we believe the ideal society is impossible to achieve, but we strive to improve the human interactions for a better world under God.

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