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Custom Embroidery Belts

5% discount when you purchase 5 or more embroidery belts in single order


Belt embroidery
Belt embroidery services
Jukado belt embroidery

We are expanding embroidery service on our dragon brand color belts. Each embroidery belt is made with personal attention to details. We believe our competitively priced, high quality embroidery belts will bring prestige to honor the dedication of your instructors and advanced  students. It is also a great way to promote loyalty and students’ retention in your dojos.


We appreciate your business support, and look forward to providing your dojo’s embroidery need in the future. Please send your inquiry of special pricing for our volume discount over 5 belts more in single order.

Dragon® Brand Belts and Protector

JUKA® / DRAGON® Uniforms

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